NEW Official Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer What this means for BF4.

COD:Advanced Warfare

What this means for BF4.. and BF players

Now this is interesting.. The only COD I ever played was Black Ops II,  which had a beautiful storyline in its campaign. But for the past 3 years I been playing Battlefield since Bad Company 2. And I have to admit, this new COD looks very interesting. Specially after owning BF4 and  paying $100 for the premium beta that I was unable to play for 4 months, I’m definitely considering a change. Even thought the multilpayer in COD is somewhat of a solo online game, you rarely see teamwork. Which is one of the winning factors in BF4 that made it acceptable to play in the past years, so even thought COD is not that great in its current versions I hope to see an improvement in Advanced Warfare.  BF4 became a ball of frustration, disappointment even the campaign sucked. But multiplayer in BF4 will always rule over COD, but I can’t wait to play Advanced Warfare and will definitely add it to my game library. How many BF players out there will purchase this game?






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