The ATLAS, not your average grandma pedometer.

The Future of Fitness Data.



Fitness has been a part of my life, I do alot of weight training. After my personal experience with the Jawbone I have to say, that Jawbone does not have much to offer. Lack of positive data, multiple replacements, to massive negative review reports. Jawbone UP band has become a nightmare to many fitness band owners who shelled out $140 to simply have a bad product that becomes a colorful wristband. What does the Jawbone UP do? Tracks steps, calories, and sleep. Any other data you must input yourself in the app, which makes it annoying at times. So why the ATLAS? Because it has MORE to offer, and more than a pedometer that’s not for grandma. Looking at Jawbones website you get drawn in by the designs, and the colorful page. The UP band is a tech device people just want to wear for the fashion, and after numerous reviews you tend to wonder even more about reliable tech bands?

“Atlas measures your heart rate, calculates the calories you burned and tracks your body on the x-, y- and z-axes, so it knows how many laps you swam and if you did push-ups or triangle push-ups. It’s preloaded with the most popular exercises and can learn new exercises you teach it so you can instantly see your progress, analyze your form, anticipate plateaus and find what makes you stronger, faster.  Atlas tracks your workout—every mile ran, weight moved and all the power you generated. The on-wrist display gives you live feedback on the type, speed and quality of your exercises as you’re working out.   ” -

              So what can we expect of the ATLAS ? With its beautiful written algorithms, I expect it will give me the results I need and want. I don’t want to track my sleep, I want to track how many reps I did on my bar curls, how many push ups I did for the month, how much further I can push myself. Sports athletes, cross fitters, to weight trainers will have a huge advantage using the Atlas because the data is simply there to help you learn your body better. I am looking forward to my ATLAS,  pre-order yours here.




ATLAS Facebook


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