Watch Dogs PC free with select Nvidia cards

Watch Dogs: 8 minute Multiplayer Walkthrough

Yep that’s correct FREE, but only after you purchase a $500+ Nvidia card.


Free games with expensive video cards has always been a great deal, specially those looking to UPGRADE. And for myself, I just might pick up the deal because I am over do for a new video card. I currently run a 650ti, and run BF4 on decent settings. But there is times, where I wish I can do more with it like running on ULTRA. I currently been looking at the EVGA 780, which runs for a nifty 509.99 on And it comes with a free copy of WatchDogs, now how cool is that? Is your system ready for WatchDogs? Upgrading video cards every a couple of years, has become sort of a necessity for high demanding rendering games. Most of us have to upgrade processors as well, and for the same price of an video card you can buy an Xbox One. But for those PC enthusiast like myself, I will most likely skip the Xbox ONE.  What are your specs? Share them with us. =]

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