It’s not what you know, its who you know. 5 tips to know before applying to a dream job.

Why marketing yourself is important and how to steal the job!




I currently was turned down for a job at Google, and the reason was pretty obvious why . It woke me up to the reality. With 7 years of experience I was more than capable for the job, so what happened? Well.. I failed to market myself with the hiring manager before my interview. It is extremely important that you always go out, have fun, meet people, go to events, make new business contacts. When hiring managers have a better personal connection with you, it builds the trust they need from you. They know you can be loyal, because they know your darkest secrets. So what can you do different? Well here are my Top 5 tips to helpĀ  you get the career you want! Without the BS.


1.Know who your competition is. Think of this as a search and destroy mission, you must outshine your competition in every way possible.











2.Befriend the hiring manager on Facebook, Linkedin and find out their interest. Invite them to hang out forĀ  a beer, or find out the next business meetup.









3. Improve your health, showing that you care about yourself will show that you care about your job. And your more than mentally capable of doing the job, and succeed. (plus you will look good for the company).











4. Learn what their hobbies are and research them. Nobody likes an awkward conversation, or better yet a silent one. If that hiring manager plays golf, find out where and show up and pretend like you didn’t know they played there.

5. Make them look smarter than you, ask questions and pretend to look up to them. Sometimes hiring managers are not the brightest, remember they got there from knowing somebody.


Hope this helps! =]



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