Why its important to influence self education in the ghetto.

Why we need to educate ourselves and others..- By Moralshock


I grew up in the ghetto, saw alot of violence outside and inside the home.  The neighborhood kids would have after school boxing matches, all to release the  negative energy we lived with.  Depression, anger, stress,and lost with no direction I wanted to go to college, but my parents only believed in working hard.  So after so many years it took me a long time to figure out that, I had to mature in my own way. I had to grab alot of courage to finally move out the ghetto, I had to leave my family behind. And as you know, they were not happy with my actions. They basically took it as abandonment, and hated me for it. So what was the outcome?.


The outcome was that I met new social groups, friends who were positive, and smarter.

After many years passed I’m almost finished with my first degree in International Business. Never dreamed I would get this far ten years ago, but it would been nice to have finished ten years ago. Better late then never right? So how can we change this vicious circle? Easy..we must INFLUENCE minorities to educate themselves and each other. Many minority children in the U.S. come from uneducated parents, and because the parents are not influencing education in their life they are ending up in gangs, prisons or killed. We have to understand that we have an opportunity no matter where we live, ghetto or not in the ghetto.  We must also understand our culture, learn about where we came from so we can see where it will lead us. Recently..a young man that came to me for advice, was in a rock band and he was going through a hard time. His parents don’t understand his current culture, his dreams and goals. He was very lost, and all he wanted to do was put himself down. He asked me ” what do you think about joining the national guard?”, I replied ” Go for it!”. I had told him that, I wish someone told me the same thing when I was his age. And he signed up for, and now is in training. And whether that’s right or wrong, the military structure might lead him to where he wants to be in life.  So you see, we can benefit from our personal experience to give a leadership in young adults.

Educated and experienced adults should take the initiative to lead our younger generation to a better future. You can make a difference in a persons life. . We need to open up non-profit internet cafes, so that people can have access to free information. For years I paid for Microsoft certifications, while I worked a full time job. I spent hours and hours reading and listening to audio books.  You can find free education everyone on the internet, sure you don’t get credits but the value is on what you learn, and gain knowledge for self growth. So what do you think? What’s stopping you? Do what you have to do, to make your future as bright as possible. Print out college brochures and pass them out to high school kids in low income areas to inform them. We must spread the information as much as we can, because not everyone is informed. I learned about financial aid just a few years ago. Because nobody ever came to my neighborhood, and showed me the opportunities in front of me. Where would of my life been, if I was educated at an early age? We have possible future medicine scientist making meth labs, and future agricultural scientist growing marijuana. And where do they end up? Prison, because the leadership and influence was never there.










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