Sadly, it is..


So I got to play BF Hardline, needles to say I was very disappointed.  After being a Bad company to BF4 Veteran I can say that, Hardline does not live to it’s expectations. So it was fun for a minute you spawn into game of cops and robbers with nice Dodge Chargers. But it had the BF4 field to it, except of course it was BETA and felt a little bit shitty. The only thing I look forward to is another campaign, and hopefully is as good as COD:Black ops II because that’s the only campaign that was actually good and I remember playing. BF3 I play campaign for about 3 hours and I lost interest, but multilayer I have over 200 hours. Anyways, after an hour of Hardline gameplay I was done…that was it…I no longer had interest in playing again..Hardline is a rip off disappointment from other games, the developers could of taken it to a whole new level. Even I could of came up with something even more interesting than hardline, sorry but I will be putting my money on COD:Advanced Warfare..and I hate COD’s.. Well decide for yourself, but I will not be buying this expansion….


moral shock bf poster


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