Paria Badd is a female rap artist representing Las Vegas with killer punchlines. Free Download.


By Moral Shock

I usually post about 80’s electronica, but this week I’m bringing you Paria Badd.  Paria Badd is a female rap artist from Las Vegas, who after listening to her first track “Pouring Down” I was taken back to a nostalgic feel of that west coast  music feel. When I got to “Slip Slowly, it was on and I was straight bumping this on my Razor headsets. Paria Badd goes exactly “Badd” ass on the track, lyrics are on point, bars on point I must admit she has talent. With 2015 coming in, it’s a perfect time for Paria Badd to come out with new music, as many females rap artist have been getting in the music industry slowly since the early 2000’s 2013 was it’s best year for female rappers. So this week, I bring an underground artist who is putting in work doing what she is passionate about. Download the tracks here. Enjoy, and don’t forget to like her Facebook for the support.






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