Mochiko Chicken #Las Vegas A Review They Can’t Delete.


By Moral Shock

Normally, I don’t review restaurants…But this incident I recently had, has inspired me to. About 4 months ago, I began to eat at Mohicko Chicken. Mochiko Chicken is a rice bowl and chicken type of joint, with many flavors. I fell in love with the food, it was amazing and I was happy it was so close to work. I began to eat here 3 times a week, even though sometimes it was not on my budget. My favorite dish was Mandarin Chicken bowl, and the Cali chicken tenders. Even though I’m about to share my unfortunate experience, I recommend that you give Mochiko Chicken a try yourself. You might like it, you might not.. Now for the reason I am writing this article, we will get to that but let’s talk history. In the past couple of months Mochiko Chicken’s chicken quality, has gone downhill dramatically. I understand the need to save money, in this economy we all want to save money. But a couple of months ago, I began to notice something odd about the portions and taste of the meat. They began to get smaller, while the prices remained the same. At first I began to think, that maybe I’m over analyzing it…maybe… But I began to ask my coworkers who eat there as well, and many of them began to agree on the subject. So I decided to accept it, it is what it is and the flavors where still there even though it was 90 percent rice and 10 percent chicken.

Well one day “The Cali”, was taken off the menu.. It was gone for a month, until one day Mochiko Chicken posted a pic of their new chicken fingers, and I had commented on it. The owner had told me it was a new kind of “Dark meat”? I didn’t think to ask what they meant, but apparently it’s supposed to be chicken. So I decided to go, and try out their new chicken fingers about a week later. The cashier was nice as usual; I had my food to go and off to work. I was starving, and excited to try these new tenders they spoke of. I began to take my first bite, I was automatically not impressed, instead they tasted like it was dipped in pepper all night long. So on to my second chicken finger, I dipped it in their delicious sauces and took a bite…and another bite.. The chicken felt chewy, very chewy like uncooked chicken.. So I decided to open one of the fingers and to make sure they were cooked..and that’s when I saw this… 10906333_10155119126930637_9181346641412267943_n

I was disgusted right away, and wanted to vomit.. I have eaten chicken my entire life, and even then I roasted a chicken 3 nights ago at home and have never seen that before.

So I threw it away, I didn’t have the time to walk all the way back to complain about it as I was on a short break. I felt like my money had been wasted, and I had been ripped off by the dark meat. I thought about it for the entire day, and I went home thinking there is no way I’m over analyzing it. I had taken pics of the meal, and posted them later that day on my Facebook to share privately with my friends and family. The comments came in quick, and everyone agreed that there was something off about this meat. And I felt relieved that I was not crazy, that whatever that was did not taste like chicken.

part 2mochiko chicken part 1

A few days later, I posted the pic on Mochiko’s Facebook page like every customer it was my right to place a complaint. I expressed myself, stating I could not eat there anymore while still giving them 5 stars. What came next was just disappointing, as I come from working in the customer service field. And you can see for yourself below.



And again I shared the response with my friends and coworkers..

mochiko chicken

A couple of days ago, I received an email stating my review was removed. My review was removed, because I expressed my concerns publicly. I have not gone back, and I don’t think I ever will. I would never speak to my customers, the way Mochiko did. The only thing they did was make it awkward for me to ever try to go there again. All I wanted was an apology, and I would of gone my merry way. I hope they triumph as a business, and succeed and wish them the best. But the relationship we had as a customer has been terminated permanently, customers should be treated with respect and with empathy. So this will be a review, that they can’t delete.

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