There Came An Echo by Big Giant Circles Review

It’s been a while, that I been online. Well I been online, but just doing other projects that got me sidetracked. Every now and then I find a random album, well tonight’s album is “There came an echo- By Big Giant Circles.” I have to be honest, this album was very relaxing and I fell in love with enough to add it to my collection of indie music. Has a retro electronic feel to it, something that my 80’s people can relate..god time flies so fast..why can’t we stay young forever. Thank god for music thought, it’s the only thing making me feel young…I see myself listening to “Daylight” a track that gives off a vibe of memories, memories that are what makes us humans. I have to give it to this track, and to theĀ  team who put it together. “$1m = My name is Tony Stark and I like this music a lot”, that’s the rating I choice for this album. And on top of that, this was actually designed for a game..I might have to check it out myself unless I can be provided with “cough cough” a free copy… who doesn’t like free stuff right? I know I do.. lol. But seriously if you like video game music, this is one for you but like I said; it also has its retro vibe to it, so I ended this blog with track 21. Signs. I really like this album..what do you think? send me your comments, I would love to hear from you.



Tracks written by Big Giant Circles for There Came An Echo, available on Steam now –

For tracks written by Ronald Jenkees licensed for the game, check out his amazing album Alpha Numeric, available now on bandcamp!



released 21 May 2015

All tracks written by Big Giant Circles (Jimmy Hinson)
Vocals performed by Ashly Burch and Malukah
Violin performed by Jeff Ball
Additional Keyboard performed by Ronald Jenkees



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